Dedicated To All Those Individuals That Never Want To Let Us Be “Great” Those Individuals That Never Want To See Us With Anything And If We Do They Just Don’t Want Us To Have More Than What They Have. In The End Result Of The Latter Being The Opposite They’d Rather Take From You Rather Than Join You In Greatness! A Million Dollars Could Be Falling Right From The Sky And They Would Much Rather Worry About Whatever You Have Going For Yourself! God Always Allows Us To Be Victors Over Them In The End And They Live Miserably Ever After!




  • "Ropped Out" Collection

    This Here is A Unique Work Of Art Personally Inspired By Another Unique Creator. This “Ropped Out” Collection Comes In Sweatsuits , Jeans, Jackets, And Also Comes As Stylish Belts That Can Be Dripped Down To Match Up With Any Other Piece From This Collection!   Features In Over Several Different Vibrant Colors! 

    Ropped Out